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Campaign Notes From Game on October 4, 2017 Edit

After surviving their encounter with the green slaad, the group decided to push hard toward their entry point to the Underdark. The rest of the night passed uneventfully, and the group tried to get as much sleep as they could before morning.

After breakfast, the group made haste to cover as much distance as possible toward their destination, and now the denizens of Sarvoda were not so shy.

One Eyed Weirdoes and Worse Edit

They first encountered a group of bizarre, one-eyed creatures that were chasing them across the dark sand. Nervous about what these beasts could do, the adventurers struck first! After a short fight, only Mirja was injured, several of the creatures were fleeing, and the rest were dead.

As the last of the cyclopean weirdoes fled, the adventurers realized that the creatures had been fleeing a hunting party of what looked like Umber Hulks. Not willing to chance an encounter with the dangerous beasts, the party made the most of Mirja's Pass Without Trace spell and evaded the Umber Hulks.

Black Sands and Lurking Evil Edit

Around noon, they passed through an area of black sand that sent everyone's hackles up. Something extremely evil lay beneath the sand. Luckily, the day's full sun seemed to keep whatever it was at bay, and the group hastily cleared out of the dangerous area.

Bone Nagas Edit

Finally, in the mid afternoon, the adventurers emerged out of the desert into a rocky plain that lay before the foothills to the northern mountains. Here they came across three naga skeletons which quickly reveled themselves to be undead of some sort. The bone nagas tried to cast spells on the group, but were denied by the Dave's superior magical prowess, and were destroyed after a short battle.

It's now late afternoon on the second day, and you have another day and a half of travel ahead of you before you can get to the relative safety of the mountain's cave system.

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