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Campaign Notes from October 18, 2017 Edit

The group bypassed a canyon of mausoleums, a forest of green and purple mushrooms, and instead opted to trick a group of fire snakes out of their dinner when Darius and Paul created a very effective illusion of a waterfall.

Later, Zach returned with a spy report of a great camp of some kind of group of demons only a few miles ahead, and directly in their path.

The group decided to make camp so that they could heal up and the casters could prepare new spells. A long day of fighting weirdos had severely depleted the group's resources.

Only three hours into their rest, the group was interrupted by a ten foot tall devil named Salagath, who demanded the group allow it to take them to its master, Rimmon, who was apparently some hot shot baron of the Nine Hells who'd gotten stuck on Sarvoda a few millennia ago.

Dave stalled Salagath with arcane rambling until the rest of the group had stealthily positioned themselves to jump the creature. Finally, Dave invited the Salagath in to the Stink Hut to "have some Earl Grey Tea."

With the attack phrase spoken, the rest of the group pounced on the unsuspecting Salagath. Domingo put Paul's unicorn horn to horrifyingly effective use, and the rest of the party piled on the pain as well.

Within 10 seconds, nothing remained of the demon but a swiftly evaporating pool of noxious ichor. Paul quickly scraped up a vial of demon ichor and stoppered it with gusto. After 30 seconds, nothing was left of the demon but a foul stench and its 10-foot tall pitchfork. Without any need for discussion, the group decided to leave the pitchfork alone.

At this point the group still hasn't had a decent rest, and suspects that Rimmon will be alerted to the destruction of its minion. There's at least a day's ride between the group and the entry point to the Underdark, but now there's a small army of devils in the way. Time to pick a different route.

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