The Antarctic Polar Region is the small chunk of ice-locked land that extends from the southern tip of Waritu and covers the South Pole.


The Antarctic Polar Region is extremely cold, almost never warmer than several degrees below freezing, and is constantly battered by powerful winds and ice storms.


The region is a similar to a vast white desert. Powdery snow blows everywhere, gets into everything and constantly gathers into rapidly shifting dunes that tower up to 20 meters high. The shifting snow covers ancient glaciers which have been scoured smooth in the central polar region. The glacial coating is in a in a constant state of buckling and growth in the mid-continental band (about 400 km straddling the 74th parallel), and then slopes gently downward and becomes remarkably smooth again in the near-coast areas and across the region's vast ice shelves.

Under this layer of between one and five kilometers of ice lies the actual land, technically part of Waritu. The land itself covers much less area than the ice atop it. The ice shelves extend up to 150 km from the edges of the actual land, and abut the ocean floor near the continental ridge.


Not much lives in the Antarctic Polar Region. Along the coast, seals, penguins, arctic drakes and the like compete for resources across the food chain. Further inland, however, very little survives for long. The extreme temperatures and profound lack of any resources beyond ice, sunlight and hellish wind are enough to discourage even the most self-destructive beings.

Coastal and Near-Coastal Life

  • Arctic fungi (various)
  • Kelp (various)
  • Flowering Rush
  • Lichen (various)
  • Long-blade lace grass
  • Moss (various)
  • Snowflower
  • Seaweed
  • Bears (polar)
  • Deer (Dwarf arctic)
  • Crabs (various)
  • Fish (various)
  • Insects (various)
  • Octopi (various)
  • Penguins (various)
  • Porpoises (various)
  • Rats (various)
  • Sea Birds (various)
  • Seals (various)
  • Sea Serpents
  • Squids (various)
  • Turtles (various)
  • Whales (various)
Sentient creatures
  • Beast Spirits
  • Brine Dragons
  • Cloud Giants
  • Frost Giants
  • Ice Drakes
  • Ice Dragons
  • Ice Spirits
  • Ice Trolls
  • Orcs
  • Remorhaz
  • Sea Drakes
  • Sea Spirits
  • Storm Giants
  • Wind Spirits
  • Yeti

Inland and Polar Life

  • none
  • none
Sentient Creatures
  • Ice Spirits
  • Wind Spirits


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Written evidence suggest that The Last Bell, one of a group of artifacts tied to an ancient demigod, Kela, was lost somewhere near the South Pole.