Bromach is a goblin town on the eastern shore of Insel von Reikol (Reikol Island). It is located down the mountain slope from an abandoned mine that had been left over from well before the goblins first came to the island.

Town type thorp
Population 60
GP Limit 40
Wealth 248

Resources Edit

  • Ore and Stone mining (abandoned)
  • Farming
  • Ranching
  • Fishing

Notable citizens Edit

  • Queen Felonna - a ridiculous and foolhardy goblin queen, capable of minor spellcasting. Felonna is the most attractive and charismatic of her small tribe, and rules over it as if she were a galactic empress. The excitable goblin hates anyone larger than herself, and is smart enough to eploit a blatantly obvious opportunity.
  • Felonna's attendants - long-suffering assistants of a ridiculous and foolhardy queen
  • Guards - the strongest warriors of a malnourished and technology-poor tribe