Birth/Creation Edit

Four greater dragons hatched in the same clutch, 1213 years ago. Each of these dragons has an elemental affinity.

The Four Edit

  • Air - Mutaventus
    • Mutaventus is a male dragon aligned with elemental air. A 600-year-old cloud giant text mentions him, and refers to his lair in a crown of mountains north of the arctic circle on Heligastenen. Mutaventus was lured out of his lair with a powerful illusion ritual, and then destroyed by a combined force of thousands of dwarves and hundreds of giants. The giant and dwarf armies were led by a pair of humans who negotiated the alliance and came up with an innovative strategy for the attack.
  • Earth - Vossaprus
    • Vossaprus, a male dragon aligned with elemental earth, was the best known of the elemental dragons, thanks to several highly visible exploits near the elven capital city of Jumala. Vossaprus was slain not far from Jumala by a massive combined army of the seelie and unseelie courts of the Thunderglade region, as well as number of elven knights from Jumala and a handful of powerful extraplanar beings.
  • Fire - Pyraxis
    • Pyraxis is female dragon aligned with elemental fire. Her lair is unknown but she is assumed to be alive.
  • Water - Cymapistrix
    • Cymapistrix is a female dragon aligned with elemental water. Her lair is unknown but she is assumed to be alive.

Unclear Origin Edit

While there are several theories about where the four elemental dragons came from and how they came to be, most available lore points to a major Geomantic ritual, likely conducted by a cult of naga.

Connection to Curse on Elves Edit

There are a number of odd coincidences and conspicuous correlations that connect the appearance of the elemental dragons with the elven curse known as the Decline.

With the destruction of two of the elemental dragons, it is now clear that the dragons are the key to undoing the curse.