Glabrezu - Tanar'ri Demon Edit

The Glabrezu are a subset of Tanar'ri class spirits also called Type III Demons. Like all demons, Glabrezu come from the deep planes, specifically a chaotic and tumultuous plane known as The Abyss.

Physical Traits Edit

When summoned, glabrezu manifest on the physical plane as 5m tall behemoths. As physical beings they typically weigh around 2.7 metric tons. While bipedal, glabrezu have six limbs - two bestial legs, a pair of massive arms tipped by enormous lobster-like pincers, and two stunted-looking clawed arms.

Known Glabrezu Edit

Kömmähdys Edit

A glabrezu known to the Arcanum as Kömmähdys (Howler), has been encountered on Kotime and Heligastenen several times in the last thousand years. This glabrezu is recorded as calling itself Jaems, Jalmar, and Jof'atheon. It is thought to serve a powerful marilith demon.


Kömmähdys prefers a jarring, ostentatious appearance, and frequently wears a bizarre spike-and-rhinestone-covered harness that looks like a war kilt coupled with oversized pauldrons, the upper half of a leather breastplate, greaves and vambraces, all over strangely colored silken robes. The creature wears a conspicuous amount of gold jewelry - bracelets, armbands, anklets and necklaces weighing at least 20 pounds. He typically carries a rod, and wears a belt with a large buckle that bears a symbol resembling an inverted bat.

The demon Kömmähdys seems to be significantly more powerful than a typical glabrezu and has been reported to be capable of casting powerful spells.

Kömmähdys seems to have a strong interest in humans, and in particular seems to have a vendetta against the human known as Paul. The reasons behind this are unknown.