Les Guides Primaires (‘the primal guides’ - primarily gnomish) Edit

La Jardinier - The Gardner, the Merry Smith, the Radiant Midwife. The gnomish font of creation and inspiration is also associated with purity and goodness. She can influence selfishness or selflessness equally, but always encourages growth. She is heavily associated with community, fertility and invention. She fiercely opposes undeath and decay. Her domains are Forge, Life, Light, and Nature.

Le Marchand - The Merchant, the Scribe, the Explorer. The keeper of knowledge and overseer of fair dealing and balance, the Scribe oversees balance in all things. Tradition is important to him, and he records all that has been and attempts to predict all that will be. He sees the value in taking things apart to learn how they work, as well as the tragedy in destroying unique beauty. His domains are Forge, Knowledge, Protection, and War.

La Tueur - The Slayer, the Hungry Jaws, the Tyrant. The gnomish source of evil, cruelty and bloodthirsty destruction. The Slayer tests all the universe in her unfeeling fires - that which survives is kept and used, that which does not is cast aside. Slavery and wanton destruction are its hallmarks. Le Tueur is rarely worshipped, and only spoken of in whispers by gnomes. Those gnomes who do venerate her are anathema to general gnomish society, and are usually marked with a brand of exile. The Slayer’s domains are: Death, Grave, Trickery, and War