Die Erhabenen (‘the exalted ones’ - primarily goblin pantheon) Edit

Gipf - Chief of the Gods; a stern and wise old warrior who still has the strength of youth. Also known as the Many Scarred, Mountain Shoulders, and Oak Lifter. He wields the Sky Spear and controls weather, particularly storms. His domains are Destruction, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Strength, War, and Weather

Islate - Goddess of Fertility and War; a cyclical goddess who inspires lust, greed and avarice in her people; she rewards her chosen destroyers with strong children and healthy crops. Most goblinoid berserkers pray to Islate before battle. Her domains are Animals, Chaos, Lust, Destruction, Plants, Strength and War.

Schriber - God of Engineering and Learning; a slender and quiet man whose only love is power through knowledge, and whose only pride is creation of ever more clever instruments. The few heretical goblin mages tend to venerate Schriber, believing he would sympathize with their quest for knowledge and power. His domains are Artifice, Exploration, Knowledge, Rune, and Protection.

Sammlin - Goddess of Death and the Underworld; a grim woman who oversees the kingdom of the dead and demands retribution from souls for their failings in life. She is particularly hard on oathbreakers. Her domains are Death, Honor, Law, Repose, and Trade.

Holfig - God of Night; a cunning and stealthy fellow, honored by military scouts and thieves alike. Holfig grants his blessing to tricksters, sneaks and musicians. His domains are Charm, Darkness, Luck, Travel and Trickery.

Teige - Goddess of the Seas, the Moons and Wealth; Capricious and deadly, Teige is always depicted as incredibly attractive (as hobgoblins go), but with a face that changes by the moment. Her domains are Air, Moon, Strength, Travel and Water

Ulmach - The Relentless Builder; Ulmach advocates industry in all things. He and his followers are tireless road pavers, builders and craftsmen. He mandates that old things be smashed aside to make way for new construction. He sees little need for nature, except as raw materials. In the last few generations, Ulmach’s popularity and esteem has risen immensely. His domains are Community, Earth, Fear, Slavery and Toil.

Hailwic - Goddess of the Wilderness; depicted as a savage woman riding a huge beast, Hailwic extends her blessing to the wild spaces, and exhorts goblinkind to stay clear of the weakling’s crutches of ‘progress’ and ‘civilization’ and find strength in the land itself. She blesses archers, rangers, druids and farmers. She and her church utterly despise Ulmach. Her domains are Animals, Earth, Moon, Plants, and Seasons.