Harðhugaðr Edit

Pronounced Hard*hu*gadr.

Also called The Brave Soul and The Heart of Gold

This artifact is said to be lost to the far reaches of the Underdark. A dwarf paladin named Blenda Solögon was the last bearer, though the Heart of Gold has had dozens bearers from several mortal species. It is supposedly one of the Five Keys that can be combined to restore Kela the Guardian to her corporeal form.

Harnessing the power of the Orb of Palantha-Kawon, the human wizard, David, was able to trace a route through the Underdark to the resting place of the Heart of Gold - still hovering within the chest of the remains of the dwarf warrior who carried it, several thousand years earlier, at the foot of a temple statue in the long lost naga city of Vaalki Tanni.