Los Eje Celestes (‘the celestial axes’- primarily hobbit, unembodied) Edit

La Quietud Tranquila - The Quiet Stillness, the Tranquil Way, the Breath of the People. The hobbit concept of law and just behavior stresses adherence to order and the communal well-being. Its priests frown on selfish behavior, but make few moral judgements so long as the greater community is served. The church of the Tranquil Way encourages hobbits to follow traditions and stick to proven methods. It accepts change if it serves to enrich the community. La Quietud Tranquila’s domains are Community, Evil, Good, Ice, Law, Protection, Rune, Stone

El Equilibrio Abarca - The Encompassing Equilibrium, the Harmonious Balance, the Greater Whole. The hobbit concept of balance and neutral action seeks to balance the desires of the individual against the needs of the whole. It asserts that there is a time for selfishness and a time for selflessness, and true followers will effortlessly pass through life knowing when these moments are. In doing so, these faithful will achieve the highest level of self-actualization. El Equilibrio Abarca’s domains are Animals, Good, Evil, Healing, Plants, Resolve, Sun, Seasons and Water

El Siempre Cambiante -The Everchanging, the Shifting Winds, the Inner Way. The hobbit concept of chaos, selfishness and change recommends a constant quest of self-discovery and exploration of personal growth. Treatises of the loosely-organized church suggest that by empowering the individual, the greater community is served better than by trying to lift the whole at once. El Siempre Cambiante’s domains are Chaos, Good, Evil, Fire, Imagination, Liberation, Trickery, and Wind.