Each human brought to Daera by Kela was given a handy magic item known as a Hygienic Coffer

3 times per day, upon activation, this handy magic item will clean the user and her carried equipment from head to toe.  All hygiene needs are taken care of, from toe fungus removal to tooth brushing and hair washing.

The kit takes the shape of a small silver box about the size of a sandwich. Opening the box’s lid reveals a mirror and a large blue rhinestone.  Pressing the rhinestone activates the cleansing magic: The user is at once drenched with comfortably warm water, a whole-body scrubbing sensation and a minty tingle in their teeth.

Seconds later, a hot wind whips around the user, evaporating all the water away and styling the users hair just how they wanted it.  Using the hygiene kit is a full round action that grants a +1 dice pool bonus to disguise checks in which the character’s hair is critical.

F6 Magic item - spells involved are Fashion, Makeover, Sterilize, Water Aura, Wind Aura

Weight: .5kg