This low, heavy-shouldered mountain rises about 1900 feet above the valley floor in central Waritu. Though it is dwarfed by several larger peaks in the range to its south, the dark mountain commands attention. Its name means "Dream of Hell" in the orcish tongue, and it appears in Orcish mythology as the sacrificial altar of the bloodthirsty mountain god, Tuma'Tega. Most orcs are uncomfortable even being within eyesight of the dreaded mountain, particularly after stories emerged of an entire tribe dying horribly after conducting occult rituals in a cave system inside the mountain.

Several long swaths of its dark slope are streaked with a particularly vibrant variety of heliotrope, also known as bloodstone.

Elvish records name the mountain as Mt. Verikokeessa. It is thought that the ancient artifact, Taivaat Mittari (Heaven's Compass) was brought to the mountain by an orc cult after the destruction of the elven colony of Sydämen Muisti.