The Three Moons of Daera Edit

Rama Edit

Daera is orbited by three moons. The closest - and largest - is named Rama. It operates on a 30 day cycle, and each of the world’s 12 months matches one of Rama’s cycles. The moon itself is a bright silver, and it is pockmarked with a host of grayish rings and scars. It is written in multiple sources that long ago, an extraordinarily powerful and anal-retentive cabal of geomancers set Daera and Rama into equilibrium so that the calendar could be nice and neat. Rama's orbit shows no signs of decay.

Lesser Moons Edit

The two smaller moons are Medro and Loi.

Medro Edit

Medro is roughly 1/10 the mass of Rama and orbits much farther out. It has only a minute impact on the tides, and is hard to see when in the same part of the sky as Rama. Medro is slightly red in color. Some astronomers suspect that this is due to rusted iron on the surface.

Loi Edit

Loi is about ¾ the mass of Medro and orbits from pole to pole, instead of around the equator. Medro is slightly red in color, Loi is slightly green, which some astronomers attribute to an abundance of aged copper on its surface. Tiny and distant, Loi’s transpolar orbit makes it a noted anomaly in the cosmos and has led to heated debates among the gnomish boffins who study such things.

Ecology? Edit

There is no known life on any of the moons, and no creatures are known to have visited them.

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