Flora Edit

The land masses of Daera are  dominated by vegetation, particularly between the tropics. Trees reign over much of the land, except in areas where the trees have been harvested or cleared away by one of the sentient races. The oceans are filled with plant life, mostly variants of algae and kelp.  Most of the plants of Daera are mundane, with only a few species that would be considered exotic by visitors from Earth.  These tend to be plants with some sort of locomotion and carnivorous diet. Others are plants that have evolved (or were designed) to use ambient magical energy to create supernatural effects.

Fauna Edit

There is tremendous variety in the creatures of Daera, from winged horses to 10-foot-tall cubes of cavern-crawling jelly and all manner of things in between. The exotic animals are rare, leaving plenty of room for deer, rabbits, fish and cows.

Sentients Edit

Due to epic wizardry, divine influence or perhaps cosmic radiation, Daera is absolutely lousy with sentient creatures. Some are humanoid bipeds, many are far stranger. Few get along.

The most common sentient races are goblins, orcs, hobgoblins, dwarves, elves, kobolds, hobbits (halflings), giants, gnolls, gnomes and faeries. The most formidable are dragons, giants and elementals, and extra-planar visitors such as certain angels and devils. Most of the races have broad variation within their type - there are dozens of distinct subclasses of fey, and diverse racial groups of elves, dwarves and giants that not only recognize themselves as distinct but may attack one another on sight. There are no known human inhabitants of Daera. (Though strange things can happen.)

Within the sentient species are many cultures. Most sentient races have their own culture, but some join together across racial group by nationality or common goals.