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Session 15 Edit

Lassier introduced his human friends to the crew of the Sammumaton Aruingon, and they were welcomed aboard. There was a small celebration as the elven ranger revealed that his quest for the Jade Mask was successful, and then the crew weighed anchor and set sail for Kotime.

The beautiful elven caravel is captained by a suitably brash and confident elf named Joukah Hainen. He and his crew were among the very few elven privateers still operating in the north seas of Daera in the time after the Decline. In addition to the other crew members, Allotar, Kalervo, Lakko, and Paavo, the ship was equipped with a series of finely-crafted automatons that were built into the deck, rails and masts of the ship. Animated ropes and sails obeyed the crews commands as well, and as such, the powerful vessel runs quite smoothly despite it's skeleton crew.

Allotar explains with pride that the Sammumaton Aruingon has been sailing for over 1,000 years, and she and Joukah have made it their home for the last 300.

Just a few days into their sea voyage, the ship came under attack from a large pack of sea drakes - lighting spewing cousins to dragons. During the attack, the ship suffered some damage, but the combined power of the humans and elves was more than enough to destroy the dangerous predators.

Another week of westward travel brought more bad luck. While slowing to do some fishing and restock, the ship was surprised by a colossal squid nearly the size of the ship! The huge beast attempted to drag the ancient elven vessel under the waves, but it couldn't have accounted for the ferocity and absurd magical power of the Sammumaton's defenders. It was a hard fought fight, but the massive squid fled the scene after having four of its tentacles hacked or blasted apart.

The humans and elves were victorious, but the battle was not without casualties - the first two masts of the ship were crushed and cracked in multiple places. They'd have to be replaced before the ship could make any speed again.

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