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Session 16 Edit

With 2 of the ship's 3 masts destroyed after the encounters with the giant squid and the sea drakes, you were limping toward a large, wooded island. Up in the rigging, Paavo called out the sighting of lights on the water, far off toward the western horizon. Paul sent his familiar crow, the esteemed Zach de la Crowcha, to go and scout the contact.

Zach came back about 90 minutes later - wet, a little burnt, and not at all happy. The crow had spotted a very large ship with several masts, and a whole lot of oars. The sides seemed to be covered in metal, and there were two bonfires on the deck as well as a couple ballistas. There were dozens of people on the deck, and at least one of them was a magic user of some sort. She somehow spotted him (seeing a crow flying at dusk is no small thing), and blasted him with some sort of fire spell. Zach evaded the worst of it, and dropped into the ocean to put himself out. Luckily, he was able to avoid any further firepower.

Allotar, the sorceress and first mate of the Sammumaton Auringon, as well as Lakko, the younger elf with the spooky aura, were able to use a number of water spells to get the waves to push the elven ship toward the island, where you went around the island's coast a bit and hid in a cove. If the heavy ship from the west managed to spot and follow you, it'll be at least 8-12 hours until they catch up.

Once anchored in the cove, Lazzier, Sam, Erin, Lakko, and the ship's navigator, Kalervo, set off inland to find a few good trees to replace the two masts.

Dave and Maggey stayed aboard the ship, along with the rest of the elves, while Paul worked on constructing an explosive dinghy filled with rocks. Captain Joukah and first mate Allotar went below-deck to work on something, while Dave and Maggey worked on plans for disguising the ship. Paavo stayed up in the rigging of the remaining mast to watch out for anything unusual.

And of course, something unusual showed up.

Two aquatic giants took it upon themselves to blanket the ship in a mist spell and then try to sneak aboard. Dave, Maggey and Paul unleashed steel, fire and lightning on the giants, first confounding, then killing both the brutes. It was a pretty awesome battle.

Anyway, we left off there. The tree-felling crew is on their way back with a pair of proto-masts, and there's still another 8 hours until nightfall, which is the earliest you'd have to worry about that large ship showing up.

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