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Session 23 - The Harrowed Realm Part 6 Edit

The group traveled to a tavern and tracked down out the Tiktok Man amazingly quickly. They fought off some thugs and lesser giants, and then introduced the Tiktok Man to a ruthless six-on-one gang beating. The Tiktok Man seemed to be some sort of steampunk creature - all gears, pneumatics and metal wrapping.

Once she reverted back to human form, Erin gathered up the Tiktok Man's oil-dripping head in order to deliver it to Marzalee the Weaver as proof of the group's success in terminating her enemy.

The group guys head back to the Waxworks and deliver the Tiktok man's head to the giant ant queen and her dwarven doula. The ant queen's mandibles twitch in satisfaction. Marzalee is one who takes deals very seriously, and has her assistant hand over her token - a gemstone pendant in the shape of a pair of hands.

That brought the group's total up to six tokens, with just three remaining! They are held by:

  1. Balimar and Balio (twins, apparently)
  2. Sonnorae's revenant
  3. Zassrion the Patchwork Lord. It was clear that the group wouldn't be able to find Zassrion without the other two tokens.

In the desert the group learns from some storykin they question that Balimar and Balio can be found in the Playhouse/theater and Sonnorae's revenant usually lurks around the remains of Sonnorae's garden.

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