We've gone through several game systems for the World of Daera since the campaign began in 2011. We've most recently moved into D&D 5th Edition, after a disastrous escapade of system hacking. This version of the game should be much more stable.

Allowed Sources Edit

Like previous editions of Dungeons and Dragons, D&D 5th Edition has a Player's Handbook, a Dungeon Master's Guide, a Monster Manual and then an ever-growing stack of additional sourcebooks, manuals and supplements, from both the official publisher (Wizards of the Coast), and third party publishers of

For our game, we'll use the Player's Handbook, the DMG, and official supplements listed on the Sourcebooks page.

Understanding the Character Sheet Edit

Stripping away personality and fluff and rendering a character down to the crunchy bits, we are left with a bunch of numeric ratings and ability descriptions that work together..

Abilities -The raw statistics of your character - how tough or charismatic they are. You have the opportunity to improve these characteristics at several levels throughout your character's career.

Skills - Skills are anything that can be learned or improved with practice and study. These range from broad active skills like athletics to focused knowledge skills like Naga Dominion Era Gnomish Poetry.

Backgrounds -

Level -

Magic - Many characters have the ability to cast spells. The kinds of spells you know depend on your character class(es) and level.

Equipment - The stuff you carry around to keep you alive and make other things fall down

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