The game system for the World of Daera campaign is a modified version of the Shadowrun 5th Edition RPG by Catalyst Game Labs.

While the full Shadowrun rules are available in the books, this section will explore key system ideas and highlight where the Daera campaign departs from the vanilla Shadowrun 5 system.

Character Basics Edit

Stripping away personality and fluff and rendering a character down to the crunchy bits, we are left with a bunch of numeric ratings that work together. Sometimes those ratings work on their own (roll Body to resist damage) and sometimes those ratings work together (roll Body + Swimming to see if you can swim down far enough to reach a sunken wreck).

The higher the rating, the more powerful (and rare) the ability is - an Athletics rating of 1 is extremely common and indicates that someone is willing to jog, and quite possibly has jumped. An athletics rating of 9 suggests someone who could retire early simply by jogging and jumping in front of people. An athletics rating of 12 is found only among people who have committed their entire lives to the sacred arts of running and jumping.

Attributes - The raw statistics of your character - how tough or charismatic they are. Some of these, like Body, Charisma or Logic can be improved or reduced individually, while other attributes, such as Initiative, are derived from other attributes.

Skills - Skills are anything that can be learned or improved with practice and study. These range from broad active skills like athletics to focused knowledge skills like Naga Dominion Era Gnomish Poetry.

Qualities - Qualities can be positive or negative and are a way to personalize your character and represent their quirks and special abilities.

Magic - A rare few individuals have a magic rating. It opens new opportunities and new dangers.

Gear - The stuff you carry around to keep you alive and make other things fall down.

Contacts - Contacts represent who you know, how much they care about you, and how much they can do.

Lifestyle - Though many adventurers think of themselves as heavily-armed vagabonds, the fact of the matter is that where and how they live can have a significant impact on your character's options.

Edge - How lucky you are. Heroes with a high edge can succeed in situations where skill alone isn't enough.

Species/Metatype - Indicates what kind of creature you are. Your species/metatype will affect other attributes and might allow special bonuses or impose special penalties.

Kama - Often referred to as Experience Points in other games, Karma is spend on improving the character's other abilities - though it can also occasionally be spent to get through a difficult situation.

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