Daera is a world physically very much like Earth.  It is very similar in size, composition, rotational speed and orbit around its sun, Ymis. Daera is slightly older than four billion years. It is a green and blue world, home to vast oceans and vegetation on both land and sea.

There are four large continents that support the land-dwelling life of Daera. The largest, Hauner, is separated into three barely-joined branches and is nominally connected over the North Pole to the continent of Heligastenen and the mostly lifeless subcontinent of Sarvoda. Kotime and Waritu straddle the equator, though the southern reach of Waritu also extends over the South Pole.

Daera is orbited by three moons: Rama, Medro and Loi. Medro is only a fraction of the size of Rama and more distant. Loi is the smallest by far and has a transpolar orbit.

Map of Daera without vegetation or cities

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