This floppy and stained hat is (probably?) made of dark felt. It looks about a hundred years old, and even the most generous observer would suspect that it has served at least a few seasons as a squirrel nest. No matter how well cared for or how thoroughly washed, the hat looks stained and trampled, and smells of freshly upturned soil and pine sap. It is definitely odorous, just not particularly malodorous.


The Stink Hat is proudly owned and worn by David, a traveler from another world. It was supposedly found in the Tower of Kela. There is no previously known owner of the hat. Dave doesn't mind how the hat looks or smells at all - the Stink Hat is by far the most comfortable hat he's ever worn, and it give him a well-traveled look that he appreciates.


Despite it's aggressively humble appearance and scent, the Stink Hat boasts incredible powers!

Hat of Holding

The Stink Hat's primary function is as an extradimensional container, similar to a bag of holding. All manner of items can be stored in the hat, and yet it always weighs less than a kilogram.


The hat is incredibly tough, repelling spear blows as if it were made of boiled leather. It regenerates any damage done to it within a day. It also acts as armor against any attacks directed at the wearer's head.

Mage's Friend

The Stink Hat grants the wearer improved resistance to spellcasting drain.

Portable Home

The greatest power of the Stink Hat comes when it's removed. Once each day, the owner can command the hat to transform into a secure cottage that greatly resembles the hat. The transformation to cottage size takes ten minutes, but just three seconds to shrink down once all occupants have left.

Inside the house, all of the items previous stored in the hat are neatly organized in various cupboards, closets, shelves and racks.

There cottage features a common room, a study/master bedroom, a kitchen, a bunk room and a mysteriously advanced bathroom with running water.


Functions as typical bag of holding, but only weighs 1 pound
Holds up to [David's Magic Rating x 100] kilograms and up to [David's Magic Rating x 10] cubic meters
Rather ugly, but extremely comfortable. +1 to Composure Checks vs attempts to disrupt wearer's chill.
The Stink Hat has armor of [David's Magic Rating] and structure equal to [David's Logic Rating]. The hat becomes nonfunctional if it takes as many damage boxes as it has structure. The hat is destroyed if it suffers damage overflow that exceeds its structure. (Magic rating of 7 equals 7 armor. Logic of 5 equals 5 structure. In this case, the hat ceases to function if it takes 5 boxes of damage, and if it takes 5 more points of damage, it is destroyed.
The Stink Hat regenerates point of damage per hour.
The hat a +1 die to Drain Resistance checks
1/day transforms into a Secure Cottage (description below), takes 10 minutes to transform, but just one round to shrink down once everyone is out. It will not shrink back into hat mode until all living creatures are out. The size of the shelter is equal to David's magic rating in meters on all sides. (magic rating 6 = 6x6x6 meter cottage.) The cottage gains an additional floor for every 3 meters in height. (Magic rating 6 = 2 floors, magic rating 9 = 3 floors).

Regardless of its appearance, the structure is as strong as a normal building its size made of stone, and resists all forms of damage as if it were stone as well.

The door, shutters and chimney are secured against intruders with mana barriers and arane locks. The chimney also has an iron grate embedded in the flue. All three possible points of entry are further warded with an alarm spell.

A hearth spirit with a Force of [Dave's Magic Rating - 3] cheerfully maintains the interior of the cottage. It is obsessed with logical organization systems.

The cottage has an armor rating of [Dave's Magic Rating x2] and a structure rating of [Dave's Magic rating +2].