The Tower of Kela the Guardian Edit

History Edit

Kela’s tower used to look out over the world from the top of Mount Reikol. Very old histories from elven archives suggest that Kela's tower was once a sort of lighthouse that radiated light strong enough to be seen from from almost a full day's journey away (4 knots at 18 hours = roughly 133 kilometers, which suggests that the source of light rose at least 1500 meters above sea level).

The elven histories say that the tower simply disappeared after a powerful cyclone passed over the Island.

In spite of the usual accuracy of elven historians, Kela's tower now lies over 400 meters below the peak of Mount Reikol, with no trace of it on the top except for the faint remnants of the path that used to lead there.

Description Edit

The inside of Kela’s tower is spacious – wide with vaulted ceilings that stretch high above.  The walls are smooth and seem to be made of gray-blue river stone that was shaped by hand rather than cut or hewn. There is a gently twisting hexagonal pattern to the walls and any columns.

The center chamber is about forty feet in diameter, with a domed ceiling that lofts some fifty feet above.

There is one breach in the walls of the tower, caused by what may have been a mining accident several centuries ago. Since then, many creatures have entered Kela's tower, but none that would serve the powerful creatures purposes besides gathering necessary materials that could be worked into a summoning spell.

Exit/Entrance Edit

On the inside the tower, there is a crack in the southeast wall of the tower, about fifteen feet up.  The crack can be squeezed through, but is slow going for any creature bigger than a large dog.  After about five minutes of crawling, the crack leads to an abandoned mine complex.

If visitors manage to leave the mine, they will find themselves within view of the goblin village of Bromach.

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