Vossaprus Edit

Vossaprus, (from putrid+dig in the draconic root language) was an extremely powerful, greater green dragon and is strongly aligned with elemental earth.

Vossaprus' lair is on the north side of Lake Rautavesi.

History Edit

According to the magically updated records on a dragon horn artifact, Vossaprus and three other elemental dragons were hatched conspicuously close to when the species-wide elven curse known as the Decline was laid down on the elven people, 2013 years ago.

According to elven historical archives, Vossaprus came to Kotime from Southwestern Hauner.

Since his arrival, Vossaprus has picked fights with, and either defeated or destroyed much older and larger dragons, leading the elves to believe that he has abilities that exceed even that of 'normal' greater dragons.

Death Edit

Vossaprus was slain on {Date Needed} by a combined army of 35,000 Seelie and Unseelie fey, as well as 50 elves from Jumala and a group of traveling adventurers, including two elves, an orc, a phoenix kin, and three creatures called 'humans.' Over 16,000 fey and eight elves died in battle.

Physical Description Edit

Vossaprus was over thirty-seven meters in length, three meters or so high at the shoulder, and had a wingspan of approximately thirty meters. He had four legs in addition to a pair of wings. Like most dragons, his rear paws were adapted into feet, though the forepaws had opposable thumbs and could manipulate objects easily.

This dragon's scales were mostly shades of deep green, though they exhibited darker shades along the spine and paler shades on the belly. As a greater green dragon, he had the ability to spew corrosive acid from his mouth in the same way red dragons project fire.