The continent of Waritu is home to many sentient races, but is dominated by the wild and powerful orc tribes. Ogres, trolls and fey are also common, as well as dangerous concentrations of giant insects.


The gods of the orcs, like the orcs themselves, are deeply connected to the primal forces of the world.

Coastal orc tribes generally worship Chu’Koi, a sea god whose symbol is an eye in a cresting wave. Plains orcs commonly worship Homina, a goddess of bounty and harvest, as well as vengeance. Mountain orcs venerate Tuma’Tega, the chief war god, and are generally feared by all other orcs.

The gods of the hobbits embody basic drives toward community, balance, and self.

The two primary gnome gods are revered for their stabilizing and nurturing role in their communities, while the third is a whispered horror.


Waritu has very few cities worthy of the name, though it is dotted with a number of small settlements and villages.

  • The town of Kokoru o Wero is an orcish port on the central west coast of the continent.
  • Tatua Kotara is a stronghold of the mountain orcs, ringing a large mountain in the middle-north of the continent. It is situated halfway up the mountain, which has been hollowed out into warrens of impressive complexity.
  • Kingitanga Repo Matia is a network of orcish and ogrish villages spread throughout the vast marshlands in the south. There is supposedly a powerful dragon who has united the tribes in this area.
  • Panahi Oremua - a cliff dwelling on the south-eastern coast surrounding a shallow harbor. The village is sandwiched between the ocean cliffs and a narrow desert, and has a surprisingly rich copper and ruby mine nearby. It is chiefly occupied by orcs, but there are a number of ogres, kobolds, goblins and naga who also live and work in the area. Drow and ogre magi are not exactly welcome here, but they are not unknown.
  • La Madriguera - a heavily fortified, and magically obscured hobbit refuge. Some 35,000 hobbits live and work here, along with about 1,500 gnomes. The land above is tended by friendly fey, hobbit and gnomish druids and shamans. The shallow undercity extends for miles in several directions, and all construction workers here are extraordinarily careful to avoid connecting any tunnels to the Underdark.

Elf Colonies

The Elves of Kotime founded six colonies near the eastern coast of Waritu, that served as the major point of hostility between elvendom and the wild tribes of Waritu for almost a thousand years. The last of these colonies was abandoned about 800 years ago.