Welcome to the World of Daera Wikia

This site provides information about the fantasy world of Daera, and the RPG system that supports the exploration of it.

The Game

Daera is a fantasy game world for a tabletop RPG that originally started with the D&D 3.5 system, switched to Pathfinder, and then switched again to a heavily house-ruled version of Shadowrun 5th edition. There are no plans to switch again, and less so with each page added to this wiki.

Take a look at the game system here.

Campaign Notes

Campaign notes are periodically posted and can be found in the Campaign Notes category of this wiki.

Most Recent: May 31, 2017 Game Notes

The first several are here:

Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4, Session 5, Session 6, Session 7, Session 8, Session 9, Session 10, Session 11, Session 12, Session 13, Session 14, Session 15, Session 16, Session 17, Session 18, Session 19

Latest activity

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